07 October 2015

I Confess..

I confess that I've been in a rut lately, blogging rut, reading rut, Instagram rut. But I've been enjoying my non-internet life for the most part, so I guess that's a plus?

I confess that I miss blogging and reading, but don't know exactly how to jumpstart myself back into either one of these favorite things of mine. Hopefully this post will spur me on to write more. I miss putting my thoughts out to the world wide web. My blog is my safe place where I can word vomit & just be me, even if I may get judged for it. My blog will more than likely never one I can quit and do full-time, and that's absolutely fine with me. I love it as my online journal slash scrapbook.

I confess that I need to make more time to actually write. I keep telling myself and others I want to write books, but so far I'm all talk with a few words scribbled here and there. I'll get there.

I confess that I watched almost a full season of Blue Bloods yesterday on Netflix.  The show has got me addicted; hook, line and sinker. I just can't seem to watch the police funeral scenes, it hits too close to home with me.  Also, one of my new favorite quotes comes from this show...Better be judged by 12, than carried by 6.

I confess that I'm kind of nervous to go back to work today, I haven't worked a full shift since Friday, I left early both Saturday & Sunday with what I thought were shunt issues, but just happened to be a virus.

I confess that there is nothing worse for me than feeling helpless when my work momma is hurting.

One last confession, I ate 12 Kings Hawaiian rolls in the last 48 hours. Most of them being within a 24 hour period. Yet, I have somehow lost 5 pounds unintentionally since I had my ear infection back in late August.

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