29 October 2015

Thoughtful Thursday.

Whoa. I've written two days in a row. & three times within the last week. WHO AM I?  I've missed writing. & the words have been coming better lately, so I'll take it!

This is my first time linking up with Kelly for thoughtful Thursdays & today's edition is going to be a lot of my random thoughts that I've had in the last week or so...

So my youngest brother Ryan is 9 years younger than I am, and I realized that if he follows into his parents footsteps(my Lynn-Mom and Dad's) and he marries someone that is 8 years younger than him, like my Dad, my hypothetical future sister-in-law would be young enough to be my daughter. This one popped into my brain as I was walking to work Tuesday.

Also can someone please explain to me how I lost my glasses in a span of four hours Saturday night? I was at work, my apartment, B-Dubs & my parents house, I CANNOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE! Thank goodness I kept my old pair but still!

I had a great time running up comments on one of my old statuses with Jayme last night, thank you to facebook memories for showing me an old status that made me laugh after a crazy few days at work.

I'm the youngest at the service desk right? Well when a customer doesn't believe me, they will ask one of my older coworkers who have less service desk experience and we always back one another up, but they still ask and they still get the same answer.  But it happened in reverse the other day and it kind of made me feel good, even though I obviously didn't give in to the customer.  Karen told a customer no and they didn't believe her & so they came to me and I'm like NOPE!

I had to more to say I believe, but do you think I can remember it? HA.

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