13 August 2014


Reading: Nothing at the moment...leave me your book suggestions! 

Writing: a few different books at the moment.  And I have a few more in my mind with characters that are begging to let their stories be told. #writingproblems #notcomplaining

Listening: Brantley Gilbert, Them Boys at the moment.  

Thinking: About how I need to put away my clothes that I folded..

Wishing: for Fall, I'm ready for my favorite hoodies and jeans! 

Hoping: that I can get time off to go see BG down in Iowa with my bestie! 

Wearing: Knoxville national Tee & denim shorts.  

Loving: My lock screen, my dog is too stinking cute for his own good! 

Wanting: A money tree in my backyard.  

Needing: a concert to look forward to! 

1 comment:

  1. You should come to Knoxville and go to the farm tour with me...just sayinnnnnn.


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