19 August 2014

Candy Crush Anonymous. #GuiltyTotalSocial

Before we get to the guilty pleasures part of this post, let's do an update for Bout of Books shall we?

I finished Waiting on You yesterday afternoon-so that's the first bullet point goal completed.

I finished Without You early this morning, I waited until midnight when it was released and stayed up until almost 2:30 am reading, my idea of perfection!

I started Staying True by Jenny Sanford as the book I'm reading off of my physical book case!

Helene in Between

So, what are some of my guilty pleasures?

1. Candy Crush Saga.  I am quite addicted to this game.  As in I did quite a happy dance when I finally passed 245 and 125 on regular and Otis levels.  & perhaps I squee'd quite loudly.

2. Chicken ranch snack wraps from McDonalds, along with their french fries. #fatgirlprobssaywhat

General Sexy aka Michael James Holden aka Bryan McNamara 

3. Re-watching Army Wives, even though I've already seen the series in it's entirety at least three times.


  1. I stay away from that game bc I know I will get addicted!

  2. I know I'd totally get addicted to Candy Crush too, so I refuse to play.

    Those wraps from McDonalds? Yum! My favorite is the sweet chili chicken wrap. Delicious!


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