18 April 2011

Hey There (:

Mingle 240

The last week has been awesome. Spending Tuesday through Thursday at Nessa's house was the mental break I needed. I am so blessed to have such a sweet friend.

On Thursday, Coryn, Nessa & I went out to eat at Broadway Pizza...NOM NOM! & then we went to go see Soul Surfer. It was an AMAZING movie. I cried. Dennis Quaid is very good looking shirtless for an old guy (: I haven't really seen Helen Hunt in anything since Twister except What Women Want, and I LOVED her in both of those movies & Soul Surfer wasn't any different. & Carrie Underwood rocked her role as Bethany's youth pastor. I worked Thursday night and it was a pretty laid back shift. I like laid back shifts lol.

Friday I worked 2 to 11. I've got full hours the next three weeks at work, which I LOVE! Lynn was looking at our family schedule specifically at mine, and she's like wow meghan. you don't have any days off. I said yeah, welcome to my world. I wouldn't change it though. Not for anything. I love my life & my family. My amazing friends too. I feel really blessed guys!

I'm totally obsessed with Karen Kingsbury's books. I'm reading my way through the baxter series, & then just read Leaving. I love her writing! I also loved her 9/11 series.

Yesterday before work, all 5 of us(Lynn,Dad,Mady,Ryan & I) plus Cooper were all laying in my parents bed(get your mind out of the gutters) watching The Blind Side. & I loved it. I didn't get to finish watching it though.

& Army Wives? I watched last night's episode when I got home from work. This is a crazy season! && we have to wait two weeks for the new episode. I need to get caught up on Grey's too. I'm still only half way through the musical episode.

My first class was cancelled this morning, so I don't have class til 2. YAYY!

Thanks to everyone who answered the questions from my last post! If you haven't and you would, I would be very appreciative!

I'm going to find something to eat!

Love to you all!


  1. Looks like your weekend was pretty exciting, I haven't watch Soul Surfer but it sounds like I movie I should check out... will do!
    Just visiting from Mingle Monday all the way from the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, have a great week!


  2. stopping by from mingle monday!

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! Isn't it SO nice to have days like that where you can catch up on movies and hanging out?? love it :)


  3. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend! I love love love the Blind Side. You absolutely have to watch the whole movie!


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