28 March 2011


Mingle 240

I know this is late!

Saturday: We dropped off Quinton at his mom and dad's(Lynn's cousin and her husband), and picked up John's mail(John is Lynn's uncle & Diana's husband,Diana is the one who died right before Christmas.) After that, it was time for the AIRPORTTT! Lynn was able to get a pass to come sit with me til my plane left since it was my first time flying by myself(third time overall.) My plane took off on time, had some turbulence over the Rockies(I like turbulence it makes it fun!), got to Phoenix around midnight. Didn't check any bags, so within 10 minutes of getting off the plane, I was getting a HUGE hug from my Grandma. Bliss. Absolute bliss. Got to Casa Grande about an hour later. They have the cutest little park model in a retirement community down there (:
Sunday: Saw John & some of our family friends Jo and Amos. We went to a Civil War reenactment at Pichaco Peak, which was really cool! Saw some people reenacting the lifestyle too. Got to see a lady weave(idk if that's the right word) cotton. I couldn't imagine wearing that stuff in the heat, and it was very warm (:

After the reenactment we headed back to PC(the retirement community), had ice cream & headed to the pool. The pool felts so good after being out in the heat. Then Grandpa & I laid out and we went to In-N-Out burger for supper. Yum Yum! We don't have those in Minnesota (:

Monday: Went to Photo Club with my Grandma. Hit the pool to catch some more rays. Read and layed out with Grandpa again. Went to Amos' and Jo's for supper. Learned a new card game called 19, which is really fun.

Tuesday was quite a busy day. Had shuffle in the morning with John,Amos,& my Grandpa. Went shopping with my Grandma to get new kicks. I got a pair of tennis shoes with sea foam green on them. LOOOOOVE them (: Went to the pool with my Grandpa for awhile. My really reallly really great aunt picked me up for some girl time while my Grandma and Grandpa had their Bible Study. We went to Chic-fil-A & went shopping @ Tilly's & Ross. I got this really cute cowgirl hat too. After shopping & chic-fil-a, we hit up Olive Garden for some Chocolate Cake for dessert. It had like 7 layers of chocolate. Rich & Delicious (:

Wednesday was AMAZINGGG! Wednesday morning I got to go up in a hot air balloon. Wednesday I got to ride on the back of an ATV while my Grandpa lead us through the Box Canyon & through the mountainside. It was beautiful! I think this was my favorite overall day (: Of course we hit up the pool after ATVing again, then it was TEXAS HOLD 'EM night! I beat out my Grandpa & Uncle John. Didn't make it to the money though.

Thursday went by WAY TOO FAST! My grandma had an appointment in Phoenix, so I went & played shuffleboard with John & Amos again. When my grandpa and grandma got back, we were gong to head to the pool, and we were leaving my Grandpa says we have to stop by Tom & Darlene's quick because I told them we would come by & chat. I thought it would be better than them coming here so we can leave wheneverr, my grandma says right back, the only thing better would be if I could put a muzzle on you. So nice that Grandma of mine After the pool, we showered up & went for Mexican which was delicious. Oh something I absolutely loved? We were in the middle of a crowded resteraunt, and we bowed our heads and prayed :D That's something I would never had the courage to do if my Grandpa hadn't done it. We went back & played more 19 where I finally won a game. Went to the airport after that. Waited a couple of hours and then I was on my way home.

Overall impression of AZ/Casa Grande: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT & CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEARR! My grandpa had an inner&outer ear infection the whole time I was there, but he didn't complain at all. I absolutely love the little group they have they hang out with down there. I know they don't read this, but I would love to extend a huge thank you to my Grandma & Grandpa for having me, Donna & Bob for taking me out, Tom & Darlene for ATVing with us, Dean & Pat for ATVing with us & coming over to hang out with me & my g-rents while I was there, Amos & Jo for the great food, & John for playing Shuffle with me (: It wouldn't have been nearly as much fun without you guys!!

<3 to you all, and kudos if you got all the way through this!!

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  1. So fun- I live about 30 minutes from Casa Grande and used to work there! AZ is so fantastic this time of you, glad you had fun! There is a place named Eegees in Casa Grande that you must try next time you come- delicious!


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