18 April 2011

Hey It's Ok.

So I stole this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Amber. She stole it from Glamour.

It's okay to be watching Laguna Beach for the first time in years, but it totally brings back memories of end of junior high/beginning of high school.

It's okay to think the Laguna girls are spoiled rich brats who think they are better than everyone else.

It's okay to not understand why Kristen & Lauren were attracted to Stephen, when he was so obviously playing BOTH of them.

It's okay to be totally & utterly addicted to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

It's okay to wanna chuck my laptop out the window because it won't stay on unless it's charging.

It's okay to not understand why America is so obsessed with the Royal Wedding.

It's okay to totally be craving Daddy O's ice cream. I'm hoping that my Grandpa will bring me one of the days he brings me to work this week.

1 comment:

  1. I don't get the Royal Wedding interest either?
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @


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