28 February 2011

Weekend+puppy pics.

Monday Mingle today
Mingle 240

My weekend was good. Worked both Saturday & Sunday. Watched some hockey.

While at work, a 7 or 8 year old girl came up to me & said you look funny! I said thanks. She said you really look funny. I said you know what? I'd rather look like me & have manners then look like you and have none at all. The kicker is, her mom and grandma were standing right there, and they did not.say.a.word.

It's whatever though. I watched the Elk River Elks' Varsity Girls take 5th place in State. It's not first, but it's still something!!

Want some puppy pictures?

Of course you do!

About a week ago when he was sleeping on me.

When he was sleeping on Mady the first week we got him (:

& the first day we got him at 6 weeks (:


  1. Meg - I'm sorry for the cruelty of that mama...

    ...love your spirit and joy that thrusts itself off the page of your blog!

  2. Love your puppy! I'm a huge fan of puppy pics.

    I cannot believe how rudely some people allow their children to behave. I would've never dreamed of acting that way as a child.

  3. Stopping by to mingle!

    You're puppy is too cute! Just want to pet his chubby little belly!

  4. Stopping over from Mingle Monday. Your puppy is *adorable*!

    P.S. Good for you for not letting that girl and her family get you down. Some people are just dumb or ignorant--their loss.


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