31 May 2012

Last Day of May!

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful stepmomma! 
It's her birthday today! 
I've written about her a few times in guest posts, here and here, if you are interested, but I've never really wrote about her on my own blog.  
Well let me tell you about this wonderful woman ok? OK! 

Her and my Dad were married when I was 9, so they just celebrated their 11th anniversary(2 days after I turned 20!)

I didn't like her at all when I first met her, but boy has that changed!  
She's my best friend.  I can tell her anything and everything.  She is here for me thick & thin, and an all around awesome woman. 

She's the one that brought me to know Jesus & she is the one I look up to for an example of a Godly woman.  
Her smile lights up the room & her laugh is infectious, and she is so great with kids!

She's helped me through my worst days & I honestly can't imagine my life without her!  

Mom and I Graduation
So Mom(yes I call her Mom!), thank you for being you, thank you for loving me and loving my Dad through everything.  I hope you and Dad have a great time tonight at the casino & I hope you have an awesome birthday!
Love you lots!


  1. Happy Belated birthday to her!! So great to have someone like that in your life!

  2. Ah this is such a sweet post! I love it. :) LOVE that last photo of you two.


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