13 February 2012

Being Thankful.

My ending to the traditional work week was really good. Nothing huge, but the little parts.
I opened Thursday and Friday, so I was able to spend the evenings with my fam jam(:

Thursday night, my parents and younger brother had tickets to the Wild game, so Mady and I had the night to ourselves. She had a job interview, so she dropped me off at Target and I just waited for her, got me some Starbucks and walked around, after her interview, we drove to the mall that is about 25 minutes away, we just window shopped, nothing too exciting, but she makes me laugh with some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth.

Friday night, Mady,my aunt Karin, my cousin Grace, and Lynn all went out to eat at Perkins and saw The Vow. Dinner was great, love hanging out with these girls! The only thing that would have been better is if my Grandma would have been with us!! The movie was really good, I would have liked it even more if I hadn't read the book beforehand. I still loved the movie, and I absolutely LOVED the book, I just didn't think the movie was as much like the book as it could have been.

I worked all weekend, but not gonna complain, I'm blessed to have a job!

Sunday, went to church with the Mads, and then we get home, and she decides Little Caesar's sounds good, and I <3 Little Caesar's so we get ready to go back into town, and Mady decides she feels bad for Coop the Poop, so he gets to ride along. He thought he was a lapdog so he laid on Mady's lap the whole way there looking out the window. My dog is not spoiled at all I tell you(:

So how was your weekend?

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  1. thanks so much for linking up, girl! :) always love learning more about you and your life!! xo


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