31 August 2011

Smalltown USA

When I was first born, I lived in a town about half hour away from the Twin Cities. The same town I actually go to school in now. When I was 7, my parents divorced. My mom and my brother and I moved to a town about 10 minutes from Minneapolis. I was ok with the move and didn't really realize how much I didn't like living that close to the city until I was in my junior high/high school years when I realized how I loved visiting my dad about an hour away from the cities. I didn't realize how much I truly loved it til I moved to my dad's after graduating high school.

I love the small town feel. I am asked often if I would ever move closer to the cities again, and honestly I find hard to say anything other than no. I love my town. I love the way when someone is hurting the whole community gathers around their family. I love the fact that everybody knows everybody. I'm enthralled with the fact that I can tell people who my parents and grandparents are, and nine times out of ten they know who I am referring to, and give me some sort of story or anecdote about them.

I love where I live. I am ten minutes either way from two medium sized cities. My grandparents and aunt and uncle live on the street behind us. I never wonder who would be there for me if something were to happen.

I have noticed living here for the last year and few months how NICE people are around here for the most part. They rarely make you feel like you're a burden and most of the time have a smile for you and a good word to give. It's like the line from the Kenny Chesney song "Boys of Fall" I've got your number, I got your back when your back's against the wall, you mess with one man you got us all.

I am very blessed to call this place home & do not take it for granted.

By the way, this is my first link-up for Pour Your Heart Out.


  1. So sweet! Sounds like you are in the perfect place for you!

  2. I'm so happy that you've found home!

    Also? I'm a just outside of the cities girl, too! :)

  3. im so glad to meet you, and that you linked up with PYHO today!


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