31 October 2016


Currently I’m…
Catching up… on my blog reading and blogging in general, I haven't blogged since the beginning of the month, longest I've gone without blogging since I've been writing here.
Reading… Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. I just finished Chip & Joanna Gaines' book, "The Magnolia Story" and I really liked it a lot.  
Eating… all the chocolate and all of the salty things. #itsthattime
Feeling… excited and nervous about the start of NoJoMo I may be pantsing it more than I care to admit, but we'll see how it goes.  

Enjoying… the last four days. I had Thursday through Sunday off Went to a concert Friday night and although the venue isn't one of my favorites, Kip Moore put on an awesome show! Photo cred goes to my friend Vanessa on the above picture. 
Missing… Ziva on NCIS, I'm binging it on Netflix at the moment and I just watched the episode where she said goodbye. #tivaforever
Looking forward to… NoJoMo! 
Wanting… to buy all the books this next month! Anna Kendrick has a book out, Lauren Graham as well and Jeff Gordon is releasing his book as well!
Watching… NCIS on Netflix. Just caught up on This is Us a few days ago, I've got more than a few shows that i've got more than a few episodes to watch, I'm putting all of my free time into NCIS. I'm a few episodes into season 11.  
Thankful for… my people. My close friends and my family. They truly are my backbone. 

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