29 June 2011

Good Day

Good morning!

I overslept this morning. Got ready in like 5 minutes. Didn't have time to shower, hence, I feel & probably look gross. But today is going t o be a good day. Yesterday really was!

I worked 7 to 3, first day at customer service by myself. & I was all alone from 7 to 11. It was HECTIC! I loved it though. I had some crazies, but I didn't get stressed out, just made me laugh at the end of the day!

Mady's home from her dad's. She got home at like 1:30a Tuesday morning. We had a full conversation that she doesn't remember. I think the funniest part was this part.

Mady: Meghan, I'm hot.
Me: Okay Mady.
Mady: Meghan it's hot in here.
Me: Ok Mady
Mady: Meghan, do you wanna watch a movie? I can't sleep!
Me: Mady its 1:45 IN THE MORNING.
Mady: Ok, Meghan do you wanna watch a movie?

It was like HELLOOO! I'm trying to sleep. But I luff her anyways :D

We rented four movies last night. Never Say Never(Yes, the Justin Bieber movie), Step Up 3, The Dilemma, & Social Network. I was leaving for Ryan's lacrosse game & thought it would be funny if I unplugged the TV where she was watching the movie. I don't think I've ever seen Mady get up that fast. She yelled Meghan! You're going in the pool. I said no I'm not!! She said YUP! Let's go. She dragged(drug?) me down the hallway outside, took my glasses off for me, lifted me up & threw me in the pool FULLY CLOTHED!! All of this 5 minutes before I was supposed to walk out the door to go to Ryan's lacrosse game lol. Ryan's team lost bad last night. It was against the number 1 team though. After the game, he went out to eat with my Aunt & Uncle. It was nice, I haven't seen them in a while.

I have a test in 15 minutes I really should study for!

<3 Meghan.

P.S. Blog challenge catch-up ASAP!!

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